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Choose Siamply #abrelaxkaro

SIAMPLY offers a wide range of features that make their plywood stand out from the competition, ensuring you get the best product possible. These features include calibrated thickness for a professional finish, fire resistance, virus protection, low formaldehyde emissions, 2x boiling water resistance, lifetime warranty, and termite resistance. With these features, you can feel relaxed and confident in your purchase. Choose SIAMPLY for your construction or renovation project and enjoy peace of mind knowing you have the best possible plywood.

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“Manufacturing plywood blended with reliability and made from world-class raw materials for a bond that lasts forever.”

Siamply has achieved remarkable success in the plywood industry because of its unwavering commitment to excellence. Siamply, a company dedicated to development and innovation, is always looking for ways to reinvent itself and establish a new benchmark.


Being a recognized plywood company, siamply offers high-strength, long-lasting plywood for residential and commercial purposes. With excellent tooling and finishing properties, these can be installed with minimum effort and beautify your space.

Why Choose SIAMPLY


For Better Quality & Protection


Protect your space with our fire-secure feature


Virus-secure and Termite-proof for lasting protection


For Better Quality

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Plywood products come with a lifetime warranty


For flawless finish

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  • What is SIAMPLY INVENT CLUB 333 plywood?
    SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 is a plywood that conforms to IS:10701, has high tensile strength, and is made with pure phenolic resin. It also has fire retardant and marine-grade properties, making it a triple-strength ply.
  • Is SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood dimensionally stable?
    Yes, SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood is dimensionally stable and has uniform thickness with a tolerance of +/- 0.15 mm. It is also double calibrated, ensuring no undulation, waviness, or overlap, and has zero gaps.
  • Does SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood come with a warranty?
    Yes, SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition, Siamply offers more than 7x money back against any manufacturing defects.
  • What are the features of SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood?
    SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood is an architectural-grade plywood with high load-bearing capacity. It is triple-strength, has fire-retardant properties, and is virus-secure. Additionally, it is made with pure phenolic resin and high-grade treated wood veneers from matured timber.
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