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About Us

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‘SIAMPLY’ as a brand is introduced in the Indian market by loghorn industries private limited. The manufacturing facilities are situated in the port city of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the state of the art latest technology with most of them imported from taiwan, europe & china. The organization and directors have over three decades of experience in plywood industry. Our organization and manufacturing processes are iso 9002 & 14001 certified. We have the installed capacity to manufacture products worth 25 million usd. We have adopted to use of eco-friendly and sustainable forest managed raw materials to manufacture our products.


‘SIAMPLY' as a brand ‘built differently’ for you to invent, create & skill yourself in building innovative and modern designs. ‘siam ply’ as a brand aims to provide a wide range of products to fulfill the requirements of professionals in every market in india. Our aim is to provide affordable materials with the best quality to our customers. ‘siam ply’ for the first time in india invented octapro technology which improves our promise to provide a long lasting ‘built differently’ product.


The plywood business started in 1991 by its founder Shri Surendra Kumar Singhal. He started with trading in plywood and boards. He soon flourished by having trading outlets in Vizag, Vijaywada and Bangalore. Mr.Singhal, with his prior experience in saw milling of timber & wood took forward the mantle of getting into the manufacturing of plywood in 1995. In the year 1997, Shri Ajit Kumar Minda, our co-founder, joined hands with Mr.Singhal. Both of them together, further increased the production capacity. In 2000, they expanded by backward integration into face veneer production in India. With the advantage of being located near Vizag port, they flourished to becoming a market leader in face veneer production by year 2003. The factories reputation of making the superior full GURJAN/KERUING quality plywood attracted some of the best designers and projects in India. 

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In 2016, after the sudden demise of Mr.Singhal, his two sons Shri Ravi Singhal & Shri Nishant Singhal joined business full time. They brought about changes in manufacturing and organization processes by adapting to latest trends in the industry. Massive changes were made in the manufacturing facility by investing into new process and machinery. Now, the panels are made by using latest automated machines and decreasing human intervention. Our labour and environmental safety in the plant are among the best in the industry. The raw materials are sourced from more sustainable and eco friendly sources. They all have envisioned to bring their panels in the brand name “SIAM Ply”. The idea is to bring the best quality product with structured and organized way to our customers under a single corporate brand identity.

‘Siam Ply’ panels are sourced from extraordinary manufacturing facilities. They have recently invested over 3 million USD in plant & machinery. The team is researching and assessing into the ever changing machinery innovations coming up in INDIA, EUROPE, JAPAN & CHINA. Spindless peeling machine for timber which enables accurate thickness of core veneer.

Pre-press technology with multiple daylight hot presses ensures strong bonding of core veneer with the resins. Automatic loading and unloading system in our 25 daylight hot press improves productivity and bonding of our panels. Automated finishing line connecting cutting, calibration, sanding, dipping, brushing and printing machines. This gives our product uniformity in finishing of our panels.


The quality of the ‘Siam Ply’ panels encourages its users to develop unique designs and innovations for their applications. This quality is connected with our heavy investment in research and development. With years of interactions with the panel industry and end users we get more and more encouragement to improve and build new products.

Innovative OCTAPRO Technology process for our customers is a first in our industry. The panels get 4 times protection and 4 times pressing. Our products are accredited with BIS, ISO, OHSAS & IGBC. We manufacture by conforming to all the prescribed standards by these organizations. We are in constant communication with scientists of IPIRTI & related institutes to improve our quality and checking parameters.

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