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Double Calibrated

Siamply offers premium double calibrated plywood for high-quality finishing and interior design solutions. Made from carefully selected, durable wood, our panels are calibrated to the highest standards using state-of-the-art technology. Our consistent, defect-free panels are perfect for furniture, cabinetry, and wall panels, and we offer a range of grades to suit every project. Trust Siamply for the best in double calibrated plywood

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Importance of Calibration

Siamply offers double calibration on its plywood sheets to ensure high-quality for building and construction applications. This precision process involves sanding both sides of the plywood sheet to a uniform thickness, enhancing strength, durability, and appearance. Siamply's double-calibrated plywood provides consistent thickness, improved appearance, enhanced strength and durability, and better quality control, making it a preferred choice for architects, builders, and designers. Overall, Siamply's double-calibrated plywood is a reliable and effective solution for high-quality plywood needs.

All Our Plywoods are DOUBLE CALIBRATED

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Why Choose SIAMPLY


For Better Quality & Protection


Protect your space with our fire-secure feature


Virus-secure and Termite-proof for lasting protection


For Better Quality

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Plywood products come with a lifetime warranty


For flawless finish

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  • What is SIAMPLY INVENT CLUB 333 plywood?
    SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 is a plywood that conforms to IS:10701, has high tensile strength, and is made with pure phenolic resin. It also has fire retardant and marine-grade properties, making it a triple-strength ply.
  • Is SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood dimensionally stable?
    Yes, SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood is dimensionally stable and has uniform thickness with a tolerance of +/- 0.15 mm. It is also double calibrated, ensuring no undulation, waviness, or overlap, and has zero gaps.
  • Does SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood come with a warranty?
    Yes, SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition, Siamply offers more than 7x money back against any manufacturing defects.
  • What are the features of SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood?
    SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood is an architectural-grade plywood with high load-bearing capacity. It is triple-strength, has fire-retardant properties, and is virus-secure. Additionally, it is made with pure phenolic resin and high-grade treated wood veneers from matured timber.
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