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Firosecure Technology

Siamply's Firosecure technology provides high resistance to fire, preventing flames from spreading in high-risk areas like kitchens or industrial settings. Using specially developed fire-resistant resins and fire-retardant chemicals, Siamply creates durable and fire-resistant plywood products. Choose Siamply for advanced and reliable Firosecure technology, ensuring your furniture’s or woodworking project’s safety and durability.

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Importance of Firosecure

Siamply offers fire-secure plywood that is treated with fire-resistant chemicals to reduce flammability and prevent or delay the spread of fire. Designed to meet building codes and standards, it provides maximum protection against fire hazards for various applications. The plywood is also highly durable, able to withstand moisture, rot, and insects. Siamply is a top choice for architects, builders, and property owners who prioritize safety and compliance.

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Secure your woodwork from fire hazards with Siamply's firosecure plywood products

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Why Choose SIAMPLY


For Better Quality & Protection


Protect your space with our fire-secure feature


Virus-secure and Termite-proof for lasting protection


For Better Quality

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Plywood products come with a lifetime warranty


For flawless finish

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  • What is SIAMPLY INVENT CLUB 333 plywood?
    SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 is a plywood that conforms to IS:10701, has high tensile strength, and is made with pure phenolic resin. It also has fire retardant and marine-grade properties, making it a triple-strength ply.
  • Is SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood dimensionally stable?
    Yes, SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood is dimensionally stable and has uniform thickness with a tolerance of +/- 0.15 mm. It is also double calibrated, ensuring no undulation, waviness, or overlap, and has zero gaps.
  • Does SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood come with a warranty?
    Yes, SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood comes with a lifetime warranty. In addition, Siamply offers more than 7x money back against any manufacturing defects.
  • What are the features of SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood?
    SIAM INVENT CLUB 333 plywood is an architectural-grade plywood with high load-bearing capacity. It is triple-strength, has fire-retardant properties, and is virus-secure. Additionally, it is made with pure phenolic resin and high-grade treated wood veneers from matured timber.
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