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Siamply General Warranty Terms & Conditions
  • ‘SIAM Ply’ is a registered Plywood Brand manufactured by M/s Loghorn Industries (P) Ltd and by this warranty, is constituted as unique to the customer/owner of the ‘SIAM Ply’ product(s) and is non-transferable.

  • Upon receiving a complaint, Loghorn Industries Private Limited will send their authorized representatives to physically inspect the alleged damage to the products at the location where they were used.

  • During the inspection, the purchaser/owner must provide proof of purchase (such as a cash memo or invoice) issued either by Loghorn Industries Private Limited's authorized dealer or by the company itself. 

  • The warranty is applicable only if the consumer gets the warranty registered with Loghorn Industries Private Limited within 30 days of the date of purchase, otherwise, it will be considered null and void. ‘SIAM Ply’ will not consider unregistered claims and late claims.

  • Loghorn Industries Private Limited reserves the right to seek samples from the damaged products and have them examined physically or chemically at various laboratories, including ‘SIAM Ply laboratory, National Test Houses, Shriram Test House, B.I.S., and other government-recognized laboratories.

  • If SIAM Ply confirms the authenticity of the product based on a physical and chemical examination, Loghorn Industries Private Limited will replace an equal quantity of the genuinely damaged product.

  • This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, abnormal product use, or any other reason beyond the control of Loghorn Industries Private Limited. Also, this warranty does not include any damage to the product due to natural calamities and causes in the nature of hailstorms, earthquakes, fires, floods, cyclones, tsunamis and any other Act of God.

  • This warranty does not apply if ‘SIAM Ply’ branded products are combined with other wood panel products or untreated timber for furnishing.

  • This warranty does not apply if the ‘SIAM Ply’ branded product is mixed or used with any other product(s), and the resulting harm is caused by the end product in which the ‘SIAM Ply’ branded product was used.

  •  This warranty does not cover damages to any property other than the ‘SIAM Ply’ branded product.

  • Loghorn Industries Private Limited provides a warranty against borer and termite attacks, subject to certain conditions. In Addition to Clause (7) the warranty does not cover lack of maintenance, severely pest-infected environments, or inferior workmanship. The company is not responsible for any consequential damages to the plywood products.

  • The liability is limited to replacing the damaged material only.

  • This warranty does not cover any commercial or economic losses, including direct, incidental, or consequential losses.

  • The warranty is not valid if the Consumer or the Purchaser breaches any warranty conditions.

  • The warranty is not valid if the Purchaser and/or the Consumer fails to strictly follow the instructions or warnings regarding improper or incorrect usage of the ‘SIAM Ply’ Plywood product or fails to take necessary precautions to prevent harm to the products.

  • The warranty is not valid if the ‘SIAM Ply’ branded products have been misused, altered, or modified by the consumer or any other person other than Loghorn Industries Private Limited.

  • The company will compensate the consumer either the cost up to the affected area of the furniture or a maximum of ‘X’ times the value of the defective plywood, whichever is lower. Priority will be given to corrective treatment or repair, and replacement of sheets will be considered only if treatment or repair is not feasible.

  • This warranty is not valid if any other person, including the product seller, fails to exercise reasonable care in assembling, inspecting, or maintaining the product according to Loghorn Industries Private Limited's instructions or warranty.

  • This warranty is not valid if any other person, including a product seller, provides an express warranty independent of Loghorn Industries Private Limited's warranty.

  • This warranty is not valid if the ‘SIAM Ply’ branded product is used under the influence of alcohol or any prescription drug not prescribed by a medical practitioner.

  • Loghorn Industries Private Limited will only consider financial claims or claims for replacement if supported by a test certificate confirming a manufacturing defect and visual, chemical, and physical examinations confirming the product's genuineness as a Loghorn Industries Private Limited product.

  • Customers are advised to refer to the provided image to accurately identify products manufactured by Loghorn Industries Private Limited.

  • This warranty applies to all warranted products manufactured by Loghorn Industries Private Limited

  • This guarantee/warranty applies to ‘SIAM Ply’ Products manufactured by Loghorn Industries Private Limited after 1st April 2023 and is applicable for up to the applicable number of years from the date of manufacture mentioned on the Product. It may also be noted that employees of the company, or of any dealer selling the product, to which this guarantee/warranty is attache, are not authorized or empowered to modify, vary, alter, supplement or augment the terms of this guarantee/warranty. 

  • Decisions taken by the management shall be final and binding with respect to all guarantee/warranty claims. Any breach of the specified conditions described herein will render the guarantee/warranty null and void.

  • In case of disputes or Claims (if any), to the warranty shall be made before courts having jurisdiction in Visakhapatnam only.

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